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Over 20 years in business!

You have enhanced our lives and made our jobs a joy! Thank you for trusting your dance education to us.
Bev Wohrle, Director
(317) 579-0117

Instructions for Registration:

1. Click on Register above.

2. Enter family information. (will only need to do this once)

3. Register up to 5 students for up to 5 classes each for any season. (may add more classes in customer portal)

4. After registration, click on "Go to our Portal" or "Log In" from our home page, enter your e-mail address & request a password to create your customer portal.

Sorting classes by "season" at top of screens helps to make sure you register for the correct classes!

Your own Customer Portal allows:

  1. adding more classes
  2. changing personal contact or payment information
  3. viewing your fees and payments
  4. changing your password

Please email or call if you have any questions.

Bev Wohrle, Director
(317) 579-0117


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