Creative Movement

Ages 3 & 4

Must be 3 by September 1st. Creative Movement

Introduces 3 & 4 year olds to ballet & tap basics, rhythm, stretching and motor skills. Stresses self-confidence, coordination, flexibility, discipline and social skills.

Creative Movement nurtures a child’s interest in movement and expression through structured dance activity, introducing basic ballet positions and stressing musicality.

Music is child-oriented and students experience the JOY of dance!

Classes consist of theme dances, i.e. the Skippy Squirrel dance, and the use of scarves to do a butterfly dance. They learn French ballet terms and put them to songs like, Tendu the tulip, Bouree the bee, Chase the chipmunk, Coupe the cricket. We stretch on the floor and play a turtle game. We also jump over Alligator Pete so they can learn to leap.

No experience needed.